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July 20-26, 2015

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See Rotec powered (R2800 and R3600) aircraft, Rotec engines and other Rotec products on display:

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See More About Rotec R3600 9 Cylinder Radial150HP Engine
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See more about Rotec's Throttle Body Fuel Injection For Small To Large Engines
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See more about Rotec's Liquid Cooled Heads For Those Jabiru Engines That Overheat
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Jab Electronic Ignition Simple Bolt On
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Jab Alternator Simple 'bolt on' upgrade
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Rotec's Web Site Devoted To Radial Engines.

R2800 Rotec currently manufactures two radial engines for the "Experimental" market:

      • R2800 a 7 cylinder 110HP Radial - took to the skies in the year 2000
      • R3600 a 9 cylinder 150HP Radial - 1st R3600 came off the production line in the year 2006

Both engines are planetary reduction geared in a ratio of 3:2 crank:prop thereby generating high torque and consequently enabling the use of large diameter props, which in turn provides efficiency in translating engine power to output power.

A review of what comes standard with all Rotec Engines will quickly indicate that its the most complete engine available in the marketplace. In short a Rotec gives best value for each dollar spent.

Rotec also supplies a complete list of firewall forward items for its engines. Including a free engine mount drawing with any engine purchased; or Rotec can build and supply the mount at a quoted price, likewise for an oil tank. Other items available from Rotec are a prop tuned to the engine with consideration for your aircraft, gauges, throttle body fuel injection to list but a few.

Two testimonials from the many serve to summarise what Rotec is all about:

From: Augusto Poggiali - Head Mechanic from Golavio Engineering SRL (Italy) "...The engine performs flawlessly, I trust it more than a Rolex watch."

From: In a series of emails to Rotec Chuck Olmsted (USA) who purchased a second hand engine and sought technical support "...Man, I wish everyone I work with was as straight forward and as easy as you! ... Thank you again, I'm going to love working with you and your wonderful engine!" ... "To all of Rotec staff I can't say enough good things about you and all your help! ... Thanks again Chuck"

What more needs to be said!

A Bit of History

Rotec was established in the year 2000 and later that year the first Rotec R2800 powered aircraft took to the skies. In the ensuing years the number of Rotec powered aircraft has grown dramatically which is a consequence of hard work and guidance by the two directors Paul and Matthew Chernikeeff.

Despite predictions of a rapid demise by the so called experts Rotec survived and flourished to become a Company that provides, not only the highest quality engine produced, but backs this engine with unprecedented level of support. A potent combination of dedication and passion from every member of Rotec's staff has ensured success beyond Rotec's wildest expectation. Today at Rotec we ask: 'how wrong were those experts?!'

Driven by client demand a 9 cylinder R3600 was designed with first engine leaving the factory early 2006.

Rotec's radial engines are targeted and designed for the home-built and experimental markets and its our goal to recapture the yesteryear romanticism of the radial engines while at the same time combining modern design and production techniques to yield a truly unique product.

As a family company, we are lucky, in being able to express our passion every day in producing high quality 'round' engines that so many love, admire and appreciate. With many hundreds of engines sold to date we have achieved if not exceeded our objectives. That said, despite our reputation of providing extraordinary support, we as a Company continually strive to greater heights.

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Martin Hones R3600 Powered Space Walker II

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