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Aerosport Pty Ltd


From: Graeme Hotmail
Sent: Friday, 23 September 2011 1:18 PM
Subject: Impressed!

To whom it may concern,                                    

Some months ago I ‘chanced’ on your site, as I have a general interest in aviation though, not an owner of, or pilot. I am was impressed by the fact that this is an ‘Aussie’ product and produced here! ( wow!)

I am a big fan of radial engines ( I like the cough, smoke & splutter in the start ups) and have been of the opinion that these engines were no longer being produced in the western world and were, for those who restore vintage aircraft having to scavenge motors from wrecks, salvage yards etc. and would eventually ‘die out’ and be substituted for turbo props. eccccch!

It is a relief to find that you have seen a niche and to see that they are available for use on ultra lights as well as general aviation just raises the bar!!!

I wish you all the success in your business! Congratulations on having a vision and running with it!

Kind Regards,
Graeme Mattschoss.

P.S Your site has linked me into some tremendous videos on aircraft that I was not aware of so again a big THANK YOU !!

17th May 2011:

Rotec would like to thank Chuck for the kind words expressed in EAA's Chapter240 Spring 2011 issue page 5.

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2nd Testimonial From David McCandless:

From: david mccandless []
Sent: Tuesday, 20 July 2010 11:00 AM
To: rotec factory
Subject: Funk R2800 installation

To the Rotec Team

I now have my 1946 Funk flying with the Rotec R2800 fueled with the Rotec TBI. It performs better that I
ever imagined.

The whole installation turned out to be a very pleasing exercise in aircraft home engineering. There were
minor glitches along the way and the Rotec factory support in solving those glitches was most appreciated.
When I got myself into a hole (almost literally !) with the lubrication system due to my own stupidity, the
factory came up with a positive 'can do, can fix' solution that has culminated in a vast increase in my
knowledge of, and confidence in, my R2800.

The TBI is not a complicated piece of equipment, but it still must be installed and tuned correctly for
satisfactory performance. The fact that Paul was always available on email or at the end of the phone for
advice made the whole installation a simple series of steps.

Timely backup with improved components, supplied free of charge along the way has left me with a
feeling that Rotec were interested seeing my Funk project through to a successful conclusion and that it
was not just 'another engine sale'.

Please feel free to refer any potential customers to me should they wish to discuss any aspects of my
engine fit experience.

With my best regards and thanks,

Dave McCandless
email :
ph: 08 9295 0685 ph/fax
Mobile: 0407 248 850

Download as pdf document:

From Graham Orphan Who Publishes the Classic Wings Magazine:

From: Graham Orphan []
Sent: Tuesday, 6 July 2010 9:14 AM
To: chris Prevost
Subject: Rotec Radial Engines.

Hi Chris,

Regarding your friends interested in Rotec engines in California, the best contact for these is Jim Chernikeeff and you can reach him here....... Rotec <>

Also the website is....

I have found these people to be outstanding to deal with, utterly passionate and dedicated to their product, as well as really looking after customers.

As I mentioned on the phone, I believe there have been something like 500 engines completed and I did work out at one point that they have customers building projects in something like 45 countries, with engines flying in nearly 20 countries. This engine is without question, THE future for WW-I replicas but as you have also seen in the magazine, there are many being fitted to more familiar machines like the US classics of the 1940s and 50s, as well as homebuilts like the Pietenpol, Kitfox, Hatz etc and I have a friend fitting one to the Spezio that I used to own, so the applications are limitless!

Cheers for now,

From: R G [mailto:withheld]
Sent: Thursday, 1 July 2010 7:41 AM
Subject: Re : Réf.: RE: Réf.: RE: R2800 on Nie12 : need your help

Hi Jim,
Many many many thank for your precious help and support. The fastest I ever have from a supplier! Great quality.
I've contacted by email all the french builder and Barry as well this evening.
From now, I have to sit and wait for their answers.
We keep in touch.

From: david mccandless []
Sent: Tuesday, 18 May 2010 10:25 AM
To: rotec factory
Subject: Bunbury Funk/Rotec R2800

Hi Paul, 

I am here to say that I have been in Aviation since 1965 and I have seen a few engine shops in my time,  in the RAAF, Qantas and a couple of other airlines, all much bigger than Rotec but as far as meticulous assembly, integrity, and cleanliness go, none better.

After my experience at the Rotec factory, I can say no more than: "I will fly behind a Rotec, anyplace, anytime".

Dave McCandless,    0407 248 850,   08 9295 0685

Photo: Dave McCandless Apprentice Rotec Mechanic 


From: Bill Pieper []
Sent: Wednesday, 9 September 2009 4:04 AM
To: 'bill';;;
Subject: RE: Rotec Factory support Comments


I am installing a Rotec 3600 in a Starduster II (first of a kind). I first met Paul Chemikeeff at
Airventure, Oshkosh in 2006 and purchased the 3600 in 2007 at Oshkosh. I worked with the
Rotec people with the engine mount design and oil tank design which they made and shipped
with the engine. The installation went together perfect.

Both Paul and Jim were superb to work with and responded to ALL my questions quickly,
generally within 24 hours. I have been in contact with them by telephone and e‐mail. I only wish
other OEM’s and vendors were as responsive.

The quality of the Rotec engine and parts they have fabricated are superior. The engine starts
and runs as advertised – I can’t wait to get it in the air!!

Speaking as an Aeronautical engineer and FAA Designated Engineering Representative I feel
Rotec and it’s people are producing a well designed product with great service support.

Personal regards and thank you Paul and Jim for the continuing support.

Bill Pieper
Consultant FAA DER
Structures & Powerplant
(530) 333‐4807
(530) 570‐4401 Cell

From: bill []
Sent: Saturday, 21 November 2009 10:09 AM
Subject: RE: Rotec Radial Engines - Enquiry

Paul, Ben

I have 70 hours on the engine now and could not be more pleased with the engine and aircraft. Take off performance and climb is remarkable. When I have the time I will be trying the new TBI, but the Bing has offered great service. I am getting 108 MPH airspeed at 3200 RPM with 24-25 ltrs per hour. If I back off a slight bit and cruise at 100 MPH the burn is around 21-22 ltrs per hour. I am running the 76 x 55 propeller.

The engine has performed flawlessly.

I keep an oil catch under the stacks and the intake drains while the airplane is in the hanger. There is a bit of oil from the stacks after shut down while the airplane is in the hanger but I recycle the oil back to the engine. Oil consumption during flight is almost not measurable.

I have given many rides now to other pilots who all have said “WOW” when I push the throttle forward for take off. The acceleration and climb is unique.

At 14000 ft density altitude, the airplane at full gross is still climbing at 450-500 ft per minute.

This engine –airplane combination is exactly what I wanted – FUN- AND- My Wife loves this airplane!

I intend to use this engine model again in the near future on a new project.

Please feel free to contact me with any questions.

Best Regards,
William Prokes
Tile Signs and Graphics
480-967-1191 fax
480-236-7515 cell

From: David Shaw []
Sent: Thursday, 10 August 2006 9:02 PM
Subject: Gere Sport VH-RSD
Hi Jim,

Its coming up to 5 hours of testing the Gere Sport with the Rotec
radial installed. Only minor adjustments to the trim settings were
required to enable me to fly hands off. The 3 degree pull round we put
on the engine is ideal for our biplane . Take-offs are a breeze with
very little torque effect. Climb rate is between 800 and 1000 ft per
minute at 65 kts.I'll get an accurate figure on a calm day. Cruise speed
is 85 kts with 2950 engine revs and fuel burn has been 19 to 20 litres
per hour.

It gets everybody talking at our local aerodrome and asking a lot of
questions. "Looks good" and "sounds great" are said often.
I'll get more accurate performance figures with a bit more time, and
will let you know .

A couple of minor problems with having a Rotec Radial

1: Sore face muscles- from all the smiling.
2: Dry throat -from all the talking you do to people asking about the

The photo was taken near Cowra ( NSW) on 6th August.
more soon,

David Shaw

From: Dick N. []
Sent: Tuesday, 8 September 2009 2:34 AM
Subject: Re: Rotec Factory support


I have been flying a Pietenpol with an R-2800 for a couple of years now. Rotec has been very
good to me, from the planning stages to now, whenever I have a question on operating and
maintaining the engine.

My engine continues to run flawlessly and draws crowds where ever I go.

Dick N.

From: Donna Warner []
Sent: Tuesday, 8 September 2009 5:32 AM
Subject: Rotec Factory - Product, Management & Support

Don & Dianne Usher

Hi - Our name is Don & Donna Warner

We received an E-Mail from Paul at the Rotec factory regarding your inquiry about
the integrety and support from Rotec.

We manage "Team Luscombe" ( ATC-694 Holder ). We Restore, Repair and Custom
build Luscombes. Currently we are replicating a 1938 Luscombe model 4. You can
view our project on the Rotec web site, Home page / Warner model 4.
We started this project because of Rotec's new R2800 engine, and after talking with
Paul at "Sun-N-Fun" and seeing their demo aircraft, a Kit Fox, We were sold on the
engine and the people that produce it.

We ordered the engine and included their exhaust system and propeller. Factory
designed equipment saves many hours in production and evaluation. Rotec has
already engineered everything to work together. No trial and error.
The Factory support we have received from Paul and Jim has been excellant. They
are quick to respond to our technical questions and any problems that came-up they
have resolved fairly and to our satisfaction.

Our parent company, Luscombe Silvaire who build the new LSA Luscombe's, has
just completed a Rotec R2800 installation also, its called the Phantom II. It
performes perfectly and has already appeared in Plane & Pilot, June 2009 issue.
As business managers, We appreciate working with other business people that have
a good product, present it with pride and are always willing to take care of any
problems that may arrise.

Rotec is a great company. They have a terrific aviation product, conduct their
business professionally and treat their customers friendly, fairly and above all with

Don & Donna Warner
Team Luscombe
Donna Warner

From: Glenn Burt []
Sent: Thursday, 10 September 2009 2:30 PM
To: 'Don & Dianne Usher'
Subject: RE: Rotec

I love to talk, hate to type. But I feel so strongly favorable about the Rotec (spelled Chernikeeff)
family and their way of doing business, I double checked with Paul to ask if it was okay to write to

How did this all start? When I was at Oshkosh 2008, I was talking with Robert Baslee about a
possible SE-5 now and his Pup as a future project in a set of planes I am doing. I overheard an
owner of an older version engine ask Paul about a change he saw in a gear (I forget what it was
now because I did not understand the engine then and had only looked at it as a "gee, ain't dat
purdy?" gadget at that point). Paul carefully explained how to do the fix if the owner wanted to do
it himself, specs he could send if he wanted to have a local machinist do it, or said he would
upgrade it for him if the owner would pay for the shipping (Paul, BTW, recommended having it
don local, because he was concerned the shipping costs to Australia and back might be
prohibitive. Regardless, he would do the part and labor free if it was in Australia. When is the last
time you got service like that?!?) I was so impressed by this interaction that I began to just hang
around and watch what happened. I heard other owners stop by and thank him for help with
various questions and updates. I was so impressed, that I rethought the SE-5 and went with a

I ordered the R-2800 from Rotec at Oshkosh the last day of AirVenture in '08. I put a deposit
down, telling Paul I would not be ready anytime before March '09. He set the price at the
Oshkosh special rate anyway, and when the time came, honored it.

The listed price included the complete ignition system, alternator (35 Amp IIRC), belt, engine
mounting hardware, propeller flange. I think there were other bits, but this is from memory, so
forgive any lapse here. Whatever was on the parts list was enough to have a flyable engine.
Every bit was shipped and carefully packaged.

In fact, there was a list of extras, that were clearly marked as such (none were needed, Don, all
were true extras). The list included:

1. an auxiliary fuel pump
2. an auxiliary oil sump pump
3. a matched set of engine instruments with sensors and all necessary wiring (more than the minimum required, but really nice to have),
4. an engine mount (but one comes with the Baslee kits, which Paul pointed out to me, so I didn't
need it),
5. custom made oil tanks
6. wooden props
7. Stainless steel polished exhaust collector ring

They were all clearly listed as extras, with special show discounts. Again, I was free to choose. I
highly recommend the first three. I shopped around and could not beat his prices on
any of them. And they were shipped with the engine at no extra charge. I also ordered the
collector ring, because even my EAA buddies here at Wausau said I couldn't beat it, it was a
good idea and none of them could match the quality (most of the gang went to Oshkosh and
stopped by Paul's digs sometime during AirVenture 2008. I never did tell Paul about that, LOL!)
March came, and he contacted me to see if I was ready. Realize, Don, that he had other orders
he could have filled from that production batch, but he followed up so that I would not miss out.
When there was a glitch with the banking on my end (Wausau is not very used to international
purchases, heheheh), he helped me figure out a way.

The engine arrived 3 days after it was shipped - from Australia to Wausau, Wisconsin!!
Every question I e-mailed he has replied with-in 2 days, and most in just a few hours (considering
our time zone difference, that is remarkable).

When Oshkosh came this year, I was volunteering at the Airdrome Airplanes booth, shared with
Paul. He brought the new Throttle Body Injector (TBI's) he had developed, and in between things
explained how it worked. It is so simple, I was able to explain it to people that asked about it while
I was helping Robert Baslee (of Airdrome Airplanes, who, BTW, is a distributor for Rotec, and I
think will become part of their repair service network - double check that with Paul and Robert,
though). When I asked about an exchange for the Bing that came with mine, and could I
exchange my plain tach for the brand new programmable VDO with the Hobbs meter in it, he said
"oh, yeah, no worries!" I had to go home for a couple of days during the show, brought the two
pieces back and he sent me the exchanges at a very reasonable cost difference no fuss. There
was even a bit of a question about shipping that came up, and before I could send an inquiry,
Paul had already taken care of it, e-mailed the shipping department with a cc: to me, followed by
a personal note.

While I was there, he had to package the two engines he had to deliver to their respective buyers.
Because he was by himself, he asked me to go over the checklist with him. Some might think that
less that what it was, but I see that as being willing to do whatever it takes to insure he was
properly serving his customers.

I am just a small town "blue-jeans and 'T' shirt" family doc, and Paul has treated me like royalty.
He has treated every one I saw him talk to and deal with the same way, when even I could tell it
would not mean a sale. I am completely convinced he does it because it is the right thing to do.
Right now he is offering either engine with the collector ring and the TBI. I recommend them both.
His follow up is first rate, he and all the Rotec group are very easy to talk with, readily accessible,
their prices a very good (not just competitive) and the product is excellent.

Don, there is no way for me to know why, or to fully explain why someone complained about the
service. I do know that someone came up and made some sort of claim about Paul's engine
having an issue at the show this yea, a claim that I know to be false. When I offered to have Paul
talk to him, he just turned and walked away. I may be completely wrong, but when I see that in
my field, it usually means that either they were mistaken, lying or trying to simply cause trouble
without a reason. Any way I look at it, I cannot make it fit with the performance I have seen with
my own eyes and heard with my own ears, nor found in the checking I have done as well as the
evaluation of the live product I have.

It is critical that you have full confidence in your manufacturer when you are buying something
like an aircraft engine with which you will put your life on the line. I not only do not fault you for
your straight forward question, I respect that you are willing to be careful and safety minded
enough to ask the tough question. I am unabashedly enthusiastic about these round engines, I
know. But like in medicine, I do not want to talk you into something here. I just want you to have
the facts, because if you do, you will make the decision that works best for you. personally I hope
it is in favor of getting one of these radial beasts. It will be fun to find out. If you haven't seen the
pictures already (he sys with just a slight twist of the arm), look at the Kit Foxes that were done
just this year. If they are not on the Rotec site, I am sure Paul has images he can send. Looks
pretty nice in front of a Fox!

If you want to talk live, my office is 715 675-5371, or my cell is 715 432-4884.

Glenn B. Burt III, MD
Christian Family Medical Clinic,
Christian Family Practice, LLC
1500 Merrill Ave, Suite 201
Wausau, WI, 54402

From: Schultz, Jake []
Sent: Wednesday, 9 September 2009 9:30 AM
Subject: RE: Rotec


My interaction with ROTEC has been a stellar experience...

My engine has only recently arrived so I have not yet mounted or ran it, however the interaction
and support from ROTEC has been wonderful. From the very first call to the arrival of my engine,
they have answered all my questions and have been very professional. The passion and pride
that they hold for their product is evident to me. The engine sits on my shop floor looking like a
piece of fine sculpture.

I would have no hesitation in recommending a purchase...


From: Jim Gollagher []
Sent: Monday, 1 February 2010 4:39 PM
Subject: RE: TBI on the Dyno

Paul , I put some money in the post to you today. Thanks for sending it back so quickly , you must
have gone and posted it after I spoke to you on the phone. Most appreciated.

The TBI pretty much behaved as you said it would , everything is well within adjustable range.
The idle responds nicely to the mixture screw.

I’m still testing all the various systems I’ve built like all the cooling system mods and the fuel
distribution from my home made inlet manifold etc. the goal is to have around 100hp at 5500 rpm
to make my Karatoo a good performer. I want to be able to achieve this with the least amount of
compression ratio cos these thing have a poor chamber and too much compression std and were
always suffering pre-ignition etc from new.

Without looking to hard at any tuning yesterday I did a couple of full power runs and the best wot
power is with the mixture level about 60% toward rich and made 95.3 hp at 5420 rpm corrected ,
so that is very encouraging.

When I build my custom radiator and ducting I’m going to set up fans to draw about 40knts of
airspeed though the ducting inlet and I want to be able to run it at wot on the dyno for 3 to 5
minute continues with the cooling system holding the operating temp steady. There is a lot of
negativity out there about the ea81 suby and most of it centres around peoples inability to keep
them cool and inflated power claims . So I enjoy the challenge…!

After talking to you the other day I’m thinking I should move to Vic, knock on your door and apply
for a job ;-)

Thanks again

From: Francis L Meyeres []
Sent: Wednesday, 9 September 2009 11:24 AM
Subject: Re: Rotec


I have a Kitfox Classic IV with a Rotec R2800 on the nose. I can't tell you how
much I have enjoyed that engine since I first got it. The folks at Rotec have been
absolutely outstanding to work with any time there has been any questions or issues
that have arose. I know there are some pretty terrible things out there on the
internet about how it is to work with these guys, but I have found exactly the
opposite to be true. They have always contacted me promptly with answers to any
questions or concerns I had, and have always shown the utmost in professionalism
and respect in their dealings with me.

I have been in the aviation industry for nearly 40 years now and have dealt with
manufacturers of piston engines, turbo prop engines and jet engines. Without any
doubt these guys rank right up there with the best of them for product support. This
little motor is their passion. Every time I hear someone who references the negative
stuff on the internet, I have to pause and remember how many negative comments I
have heard about "those damned Lycoming, Continental or even Rotax engines!"
If you are thinking about purchasing a Rotec and are concerned about their
support... put your mind at ease. These guys have a great product that runs
smooth, sounds outstanding, has plenty of power and absolutely has all the aesthetic
qualities the others wish they had. Guaranteed you will not draw a crowd to look at
your new "Brand X" motor like you will with the Rotec Radial!

Joe Meyeres

PS....How cool to have a Kitfox on floats with the Radial???!!!! I think it would be
another first of a kind.


From: Martin Hone []
Sent: Monday, 5 April 2010 10:15 AM
To: Shipman, Charles - GCP
Subject: Re: Rotec and comment on

Hi Chuck,
That site is pretty old, and it is obvious that the guy does not have a problem with the
engine, just the manner of doing business.

I know that Paul has bent over backwards with some clients to help them out.

I have just returned from a 12 hour round trip in my Spacewalker (met up with Paul from
Rotec and Neale from Serenity) and my engine performed flawlessly (except for a flat
battery caused by leaving the master switch on overnight. At least I learnt that the Rotec
can be hand-propped)

Chuck, if you do want to put that Rotec up front and have any concerns, let me know and
I can help.

Best Rgds

From: Mike Custard []
Sent: Saturday, 10 April 2010 2:54 PM
To: 'Rotec Factory'
Subject: Rotec TBI

Hi Paul,

I finally got the chance to fly with the TBI and I have attached the comparison sheet. Idle, throttle response and overall engine performance was very good

Mike Custard

Date: October 6th 2009
From: Nick Coleman []
Sent: Tuesday, 6 October 2009 9:38 AM
Subject: TBI Install on O-320 Swick-T pictures

Gday Paul,

As promised here is some pictures of my TBI install on my O-320 powered Swick-T.
When I first got the TBI out of the box I thought there is no way this thing can work
very well. It is too small, too light, it did not cost me an arm and a leg, and there is
only two moving parts. However, on a leap of faith I pulled off the piece of #$@$%*
PS-5C pressure carb that I have run for years and set about installing your TBI.

I was completely shocked when the engine started on the fourth blade on the initial

I have about five hours flying it now and I cannot be more pleased. It starts
right up every time, hot or cold. My engine runs smoother and quieter than it ever
has. I do not have the specific numbers yet, but I am using a significant
less amount of fuel per hour.

While doing aerobatics in a practice box my ground observer even noticed that my
engine seemed to running be much quieter and smoother than it had in the past.
I cannot tell you thanks enough, it just works great.

If you have any customers looking for recommendations please feel free to have
them contact me.

Thanks again,
Nick Coleman

From: Peter Graichen []
Sent: Thursday, 25 March 2010 12:29 AM
Subject: TBI-40-3 on SUBARU EA-81

Hello Paul:

Our weather has finally broken and I was able to fly.

The new Rotec throttle body fuel injector performed flawlessly out of the box without any further adjustments.

Thank you very much.

Hope to see you at Oshkosh.

Peter Graichen

From: chuck olmsted []
Sent: Friday, 12 February 2010 9:37 AM
To: Paul Chernikeeff
Subject: R2800

Hi Paul,

I got your last 3 E-mails and I'll spend the next week taking down the cylinders and building a crate.

Your photos are very helpful, Thank You!

I'll contact you before I close up the crate and send photos for your approval and wait on customs instructions.

Man, I wish everyone I work with was as stright foreward and as easy as you!  Thanks Very Much, Chuck

From: chuck olmsted []
Sent: Tuesday, 9 February 2010 2:42 AM
To: Paul Chernikeeff
Subject: R2800

Hi Paul,

Thanks for such a quick response. As you requested the S/N of my engine is...K060106 and I purchased it from and man named Andy Akin in Griffin, Georgia. The engine has been preserved inside and out and has never been run. It has all the accessories and a ring exhaust. Mr. Akin had used the provided engine mount parts for his mount that does not fit my application. so,I will need Standard Rotec Mounting Pins(lower) and the Rotec Cup Mount Rings(upper). It appears the rubber shock mounts are in like new condition. I also have the" Instruction and Maintenance Manual For ROTC R2800 Radial Aircraft Engine" dated 30-11-2005 but I'm not sure if it is complete.

Thank you again, I'm going to love working with you and your wonderful engine!

Cheers, Chuck Olmsted


From: Facebook []
Sent: Monday, 9 February 2009 5:37 AM
To: Paul Chernikeeff
Subject: Philip R. Swensen wrote on your Wall...

Philip wrote on your Wall:

"Paul, my R2800 is still purring like a sewing machine on my "Little
Stearman." I love it! Oshkosh plans?"

To see your Wall or to write on Philip's Wall, follow the link below:

The Facebook Team

From: Philip Swensen []
Sent: Friday, 15 September 2006 8:01 AM
Subject: Little Stearman Update

Paul and Jim,

Just a long overdue note to undate you on my Rotec-powered "Little Stearman".  I hope you had a productive and successful visit to Oshkosh, Paul.  It was great to see you there, and to be able to put my hands on that beautiful 9-cylinder masterpiece.  Everytime Jonh Kerr sees me purring out to the flight line, he gets more excited to get his engine that he ordered for his Hatz. 

There has been much construction at our airport, which has isolated our hangers from the runway except for the weekends.  Nonetheless, I have about 20 hour on my airplane, and I am finding that it is getting more fun to fly every hour.  I have made some trim adjustments, fixed an intermittent oil temp gauge, and made a bracket to make my GPS more readable - and the airplane is now an absolute joy to fly.  I just changed all engine oil, oil filters, and made the appropriate inspections, and all seems well with the engine.  It runs as smooth as glass!.  I note that I am getting considerably more oil leakage from the plug hole on cylinder #4 as compared to cylinder #5.  Actually, it had been a week or so between flights, and I had opened the petcocks but had not taken the plugs out while the airplane was idle.  Just as a precaution, before startup I removed the two lower plugs, and that is when I noticed no oil leakage from the 5 cylinder, but several teaspoons worth from the #4.  Is it possible that the rings have not yet been set in that cylinder?  I know that the engine runs cool with the power settings I use.  Nonetheless, when I reinserted the plugs, closed the petcocks, the engine fired right up and ran as smooth as class for the next hour and a half.  AFter landing I removed the plugs and they both looked perfect - a light grey and completely dry.  I am being very careful with oil changes, filter changes, and PRSU inspections.  I think I have in place a system to avoid any possibility of hydraulic lock.  I am having great fun with this engine and airplane.

As a point of interest.  Mary Jones of the EAA is going to run an article on my project.  I have written it for her and she seems pleased with the first draft.  In fact, she is requesting some inflight photos - one of which might be used for the cover of "Sport Pilot and Light Sport Airplane" EAA magazine!  I am hoping to get those pictures taken during this weekend (weather permitting) and I'll send some along to you. I am quite excited about this prospect, and I have given you folks a great plug in the article - not only the engine, but the quality of people to work with at Rotec.  You can be sure that the pictures will highlight that beautiful radial!

I am thinking that when the flying season is over for me that I would like to upgrade to the B spec engine as we visited about at Oshkosh.  Having those upgraded parts would give me a measure of peace of mind as I fly this little bird into the foreseeable future.  Obviously the switchout would work best for me during the upcoming winter months of December thru March or so.   Do you think it would be possible to have you ship a B spec engine to me, and could then pull mine off and send it right back to you in the same crate.  I would be willing to place a deposit during the transaction, and I suspect that there may be some added cost for the upgrades.  Let me know what you think would be the best way to make the exchange.  I am so tickled with this radial that I want to be sure to have the latest upgrades and improvements that you have made.

Thanks again to both of you for your continued help with this project.  I almost feel part of the Rotec "family" and you can be sure that I will be an advocate for the engine and the company.

Phil Swensen
Philip R. Swensen


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