Rotec Radial Engines R2800 R3600. Rotec TBI. Rotec LCH. Rotec Reliant plane
Rotec Radial R3600 Motorcycle Projec In Germany
Rotec R3600 on a chopper (motorbike)
Owner: Frank Ohle (Germany)
Status: 97% Complete in 18 months

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Frank Ohle on his chopper (motorbike)Frank Ohle's Rotec R3600 Powered "Red Baron":

Chronology in building this Rotec Radial Powered chopper/motorbike:

Original enquiry 27/9/2010

Email from Frank: 12/10/2010

Thanks for the information.

Here same information for you:

I will assemble the engine with the nose bowl pointing forward. T he transmission will be reversed to the back side of the engine (i.e.not in the nose bowl)

I will be using your collector ring and modify if required..

Please send the engine ASAP if all paperwork is ready,and everything is OK let me know,than i do the complete payment

Engine assembled and delivery organised February of 2011 and
Delivered in March 2011

The "Red Baron" project begins.

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R3600 Powered Chopper Video of Frank's R3600 Powered Chopper

Rotec R3600 Powered Chopper
Published on May 12 2013!

Rotec Radial Chopper nears completion
Rotec Radial Chopper nears completion
Frank's motorbike nears completion in just 18 months

Stripped down for painting

Note1: Bike is stripped down for painting...

< Fame ready for painting...

...Painted components being re-assembled >

Painted components re-assembled Painted components re-assembled
Red Baron gets a seat and some ammo

< Red Baron gets a seat and some munitions

Red Baron gets munitions and fairings >

Red Baron gets some ammo and a fairing Red Baron gets ammo and fairing
Trila position of front wheel

< Establish the position of the front wheel

.... Lock the front wheel to the frame and the suspension fork>

Lock position of front wheel to the frame and fork Lock the front wheel to the frame and fork
Drive to rear wheel of the Rotec R3600 Radial powered motorbike

<Note1: The rear fender is the oil tank and the fuel tank is the box under the seat area.

<Note2: the drive transmission turned 90degrees to drive the gearbox

Start welding the frame with Rotec Radial Engine position determined.

< Basic position established and rear components welded into place.

Frame completed with all the relative positions locked in place by welding >

Rear drive train extended and locked into position>>

Basic frame welded into place (Rotec powered motorbike) Basic frame welded into position (Rotec Radial powered chopper)
Relative distance from RotecRadial to back wheel

< Establishing relative distances between the Rotec and back wheel ... Once established:

... trial assembly of parts >

starting to fit parts between Rotec R3600 and back wheel temp relative positions for parts R3600 and chopper back wheel
New drive shaft and bearings for rear of R3600

< The following parts were designed and made to extend the drive at the rear.

.. Bearings sourced the rear drive assembled with the mount plate and accessories reconnected > and >>

Reassembled Rotec R3600 with rear drive extended Reassembled Rotec Radial fo red baron chopper
RotecRadialEngineR3600 Crate Arrives

< Project starts with the arrival of the engine

The first thing that had to be done is work out how the drive shaft needs to be engineered to transfer the drive train to the rear of the engine. To do this all the accessories needed to be removed and some serious disassembly was required to access the crank shaft... See the photo showing the rear of the Rotec Radial exposing the rear drive train of the the Rotec radial R3600 >

Acc's removed. Mount plate remved. End of crank exposed.

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