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Rotec Power - 12 Years of Client Projects

1st Rotec powered plane took to the skies in 2000 and the number flyng, has grown since that time...
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Here is a chance to review all the fine aircraft starting from the year 2000... A big "thanks" to all contributors.

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Started recently Rotec Radial used in Choppers/Motorcycles ...

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Up-Date Owner (Country) Aircraft (Engine) Status View
26 June 2013 Hans & Sam (Switzerland) Hatz With Waco undertones (R3600) 100% Rotec R3600 Hatz Classic With Waco undertones
18-Mar-2013 Dudley Pattison (UK) Stummelflitzer Z1RA (Rotec R2800) Flying Rotec Powered Flitzer Flying
17-Aug-2012 Petr Svoboda (Czech Republic) Sopwith 1 & 1/2 Strutter (R2800) Flying Rotec Powered Strutter Project Page
14-Nove-2013 John Chirtea (USA) NEW Fisher Celebrity (R2800) Colours as for a Stearman Flying Rotec Radial R3600 Powered Sopwith Camel
9-Sept-2013 Michel Cavin (owner) & Xavier Michel (France) Sopwith Camel Trainer (R3600) 90% Rotec Radial R3600 Powered Sopwith Camel
29-Aug-2013 Nils Harald Hansen (France) Morane-Saulnier (R2800) Flying Nils Harald Hansen Rotec r2800 Powered Morane
24 July 2013 Thierry Roussel (Luxembourg) Sopwith Pup (R3600) 75% Rotec R3600 Powered Sopwith Pup. Anothewr Rotec Radial,
22nd July 2013 Graham Orphan (NZ) Fokker DR1 Full Scale (R3600) 75% Goto R3600 Radial Powered DR1 projec by Graham Orphan
15-May-2013 Frank Ohle (Germany) Motorcycle/Chopper (R3600) 100% Rotec Radial Engine R3600 Powered chopper/motorbike
22 April '13 Bob Wagner (New Zealand) NEW Pietenpol (R2800 85% Rotec R2800 Piet
4 April '13 Detlef and Josef (Germany) Klemm 25D (R2800) Flying ROTEC RADIAL POWER on Klemm 25D
12th Feb 2013 Thierry Roussel (Luxembourg) Sopwith Pup (R3600) 50% Rotec R3600 Powered Sopwith Pup. Anothewr Rotec Radial,
11-Feb-2013 A. C. Hutson (USA) HATZ CB1 (R3600) 75% AC Hutson's Rotec Powered CB1 project
Christmas Merry Xmas to ALL! Greetings sent by, Santa, his helper and Rotec... X'mas Merry Xmas from Santa coning to visit in his Rotec Powered Bipe.
7th Dec 2012 Rick Ksander (Canada) Dehavilland DHC1 Chipmunk (R3600) Flying Goto Rick's sensational Rotec Powered Chipmunk project
6th Dec 2012 Peter Bond (UK) Sopwith Camel (R3600) 25% Peter Bond's Sopwith Camel Project
24th Sept 2012 Pascal Kremer English Channel Crossing Blériot XI (R2800) Flying Rotec Radila Bleriot XI Project by Pascal.
14th-Sept-2012 Tim Treat (USA) NEW Bakeng Deuce (R2800) 75% Goto Tim's Rotec R2800 Powered Bakeng Deuce
10 Sept 2012 Glenn Burt USA Sopwith Pup (R2800) Flying Sopwith Pup powered by Rotec Radial
31-Aug-2012 Pat Long (USA) Hatz Classic (R3600) 50% Pat Longs Rotec Powered Hatz Classic Project
29-Aug-2012 Hervé Ribet (France) Stummelflitzer Z-1 Type R (R2800) 100%  Rotec R2800 Flitzer Project Page
25-Aug-2012 Ron Herron (USA) Little Wing Autogro (R2800) Flying Rotec Power R2800 on a little wing project
22-Aug-2012 Bruce Charnov (USA) NEW Little Wing Autogro (R2800) 100% Goto R2800 powered Little Wing Autogyro
14th Aug 2012 Solaris Group Air and Wind (Poland) Luscombe (R2800) Flying Phantom 2 and Rotec Radial R2800
13th Aug 2012 Solaris Group Air and Wind (Poland) NEW Luscombe (R2800) Flying Phantom 2 and Rotec Radial R2800
10th Aug 2012 Jake Schultz (USA) Pitenpol (1913) (R2800) 75% Rotec R2800 on a Pietenpol
7th Aug 2012 Walter Treadwell (USA) 55% Scale Sikorsky S38 (2xR3600) 95% Rotec Radial R3600 times 2 on Sikorsky S38
6th Aug 2012 John Deardon (USA) Luscombe Pantom II (R2800) Flying Rotec 2800 Powered Luscomb Phantom II by Silverair.
11th July 2012 Russ Turner (USA) Sopwith Baby (R2800) 100%
11th July 2012 Bill Pieper (USA) Starduster Too (R3600) Flying
18-May-2012 Graham Orphan (New Zealand) Rusky Nieuport 11 "Bebe" (R2800) Flying
19-March-2012 Brain Kelly (USA) NEW VANS Aircraft RV-8R (R3600) 75%
15-March-2012 Thierry Roussel (Luxembourg) Nieuport 28 (R3600) Flying
6-March-2012 Pavel Vrkoč (Czechoslovakia) NEW Own Design (R2800) Flying
5-March-2012 Dale Cavin (USA) Nieuport 17 (R2800) 20%
21-Feb-2012 Charles "Chuck" Shipman (USA) NEW Warner Spacewalker (R2800), 40%
20-Feb-2012 Stefan Coetzee (South Africa) NEW Bushbaby (ex Late George Brink) R2800 Flying
21-Dec-2011 Martin Hone (Australia) Spacewalker II (R3600) Flying
29-Nov-2011 George Brink (South Africa) Bushbaby (R2800) Flying
25-Oct-2011 Dave Mackey (Australia) Kitfox 7 (R2800) 55%
24-Oct-2011 Jim Doyle hands over to Mike Grisham (USA) Beachy "Little Looper" (R2800) Flying
15-Oct-2011 Rotec Factory (Australia) Kitfox 3 (R2800) 70%
13-Oct-2011 Rotec Factory (Australia) Bowers Modified Flybaby (R2800) Flying
23 Sept 2011 Eric Driver & Brian Greenall (New Zealand) Nieuport 16 (R2800) 55%
20th Sep 2011 Murray Baker Little Wing Auto Gyro (R2800) 100%
13th Aug 2011 Dudley Pattison (UK) Stummelflitzer Z1RA (R2800) 70%
21 July 2011 Russ Turner USA Baby Sopwith (R2800) 100%
12th July 2011 Steve Wood (USA) Nieuport 24 (R2800) 100%
31th May 2011 Blake Thomas (USA) Nieuport 28 (R3600) Flying
27th May 2011 Ollie Staffeld (USA) Motorcycle/Chopper (R2800) Done
25th May 2011 Bill Prokes (USA) Kitfox 4 (R2800) Flying
May 2011 Bob Olden (USA) Fisher Classic as mini Stearman (R2800) 75%
11th Feb 2011 Max Poggi (Italy) Murphy Renegade Spirit (R2800) Flying
28th Jan 2011 David Shirey (USA) Fisher Celebrity (R2800) Flying
27th Jan 2011 Harry Leopold USA (new pics added ...) Warner Sportster (R2800) Flying
15th Jan 2011 Pur Sang Aero (Argentina) Avro 504 (R3600) Flying
12th Jan 2011 John & Debra McBean's award winning ... Kitfox SS7 (R2800) Flying
17th Dec 2010 Derek Dyer (Australia) Fisher Celebrity (R2800) Flying
1st Nov 2010 Jerry Yagen (USA) Avro 504K (R3600) Flying
16th Sep 2010 David McCandless (Australia) Funk B (R2800) Flying
Aug 2010 Pierre Racette & Marcel Deschamps (Canada) Blériot Militaire (R2800) 99.99
Aug 2010 Jim Bardwell (USA) RANS S-7 (R3600) 40%
July 2010 Renni Forbes (Australia) 85% Scale Sopwith Triplane (R3600) 50%
July 2010 Martin Hone: EAA publication June 2010 Spacewalker II RR (R3600) Flying
July 2010 Wolfgang Knobloch (Germany) Siebel Hummel S202C (R800) 75%

more of the older projects
to be inserted heresoon

2003 Brian Henneman (USA) pending Kitfox 4 (R2800) Flying soon
2001 Andrew Bullard (Australia) 75% Storch (R2800) Flying
Late 2000 Nestor Slepcev (Australia, now unknown) Slepcev Storch (R2800) Flying

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